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How We Increased Bigfoot Adventures Website Visits By 400%

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In today’s digital era, your website is often the first interaction potential customers have with your brand. It’s crucial that this digital storefront accurately reflects the quality and values of your business. This was the challenge faced by Bigfoot Adventures, an award-winning tour agency with a stellar reputation yet a lackluster website.

Bigfoot Adventures is no ordinary tour agency; they’ve been crowned as the Best Tour Agency by Trip Advisor multiple times, underpinned by thousands of glowing reviews from satisfied adventurers. Despite their offline success, their online presence was a mismatch. The website was outdated, slow to load, and failed to encapsulate the thrill and excellence of the adventures they offer.

When Bigfoot Adventures partnered with Thrive Branding, our mission was clear: to design a digital platform that’s as awe-inspiring and reliable as the experiences they deliver.


Our Approach:

  1. Understanding The Essence: We dived deep to understand the essence of Bigfoot Adventures, their values, and the memorable adventures they provide. This understanding was crucial in portraying the brand accurately and appealingly online.
  2. Custom WordPress Development: Leveraging the flexibility and robustness of WordPress, we developed a tailor-made website that not only looked good but performed superbly. The site was engineered to load with blazing speed, ensuring visitors would enjoy their experience interacting with the website.
  3. Plugin Integration and Customization: We integrated and customized various plugins to enhance functionality and ensure smooth operations. From booking systems to review showcases, every integration was aimed at simplifying the user journey and showcasing Bigfoot’s credibility.
  4. Performance Optimization: Post-launch, we didn’t just sit back and admire our work; we continuously optimized the performance to ensure consistent, fast loading times, contributing to a 400% surge in website visitors.


The Outcome: The transformation was nothing short of spectacular. The new website now mirrors the outstanding services Bigfoot Adventures offers. The sharp increase in visitor numbers is a testament to the synergy between a well-crafted online presence and offline excellence.

Thrive Branding didn’t just deliver a website; we delivered an online adventure that resonates with the spirit of Bigfoot Adventures, making the digital journey as thrilling as the real-world expeditions they offer.

We’re thrilled to have been a part of Bigfoot Adventures’ digital transformation journey, and we look forward to scaling many more digital peaks together!

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